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These are all the TV shows that I enjoyed and thought needed to be shared. Enjoy!


End of The Fucking World

End of the fucking world

I honestly thought I was going to hate this show on that outset. It's an 8 part mini series about a 17 year old boy names James who thinks he's a psychopath and Alyssa, a rebellious girl in James' grade. The plot follows them running away. This show was the most punk thing I've seen all year. I appreciate how far it commits to the story and the characters. For me, it reminded me of being 17 and hating everything. If you were a little psychopath when you were 17 as well you'll probably appreciate this show.

big mouth

Big Mouth

While sometimes I do find Nick Krolls sense of humor to be a little grating at times him and John Mulaney have done something great wit big Mouth. This is pretty much the complete tonal opposite of 8th grade. It's not heart warming in any sense but It's got a lot really great characters that feel so familiar they remind me of my junior high experience. The moments in the show where I'm bursting out laughing are an easy trade off to some of the cringey-er moments.

All in all if you're looking for a good show to binge that doesn't require a lot of engagement to get into this is a good show for that.

the Good Place

The Good Place

I happened to take an intro to ethics course this year and while I was taking it I was binging this show. Really great memorable characters. The writing is top notch. This show is really great whether you view it and think about the philosophy that informs the show or just enjoy it on face value. Definitely recommend this for anybody who needs a good light hearted comedy.